Tuesday, April 21, 2015

photoshoot with brette

i thought,
you look cute today.
maybe i can snap a sweet picture.
a little 22 month old moment in time.
and then i remembered that 22 month olds
don't take easy pictures.
i started trying this morning before i ever even
got pants on you and your hair was fresh...
bow still intact.
but no, you weren't interested.
mickey mouse was on tv
and nothing is better than mickey mouse.
later you were interested in my phone
and asked if you could get your picture taken,
but then you ran towards me yelling "cheese!"
and well,
that's not exactly the photo i was going for.

once you did finally decide to sit down and smile,
your pigtails are lopsided,
you have a pink plastic phone in your hands
and you are trying to figure out your best model face.

so there it is peeps,
brette today.
the best i could get.

can't wait for the newborn photoshoot
with this big sis.
should be interesting.

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