Tuesday, April 28, 2015

house projects

things seems to be moving slowly
but i think its because the things ronnie
has left to do are big projects.
1- wood plank the walls.
2- skim coat walls without planking.
3- finish baseboards and quarter round.
4- prime and paint.
seems easy enough but i know its a lot of work.
and i can't fault him for not getting it all
done right away because we are always
working on something.
for example...

i talked ronnie into hanging brette's gallery wall.
i missed looking at all her sweet pictures.
and now her room if finally complete.

notice we also removed the changing pad?
this girl is officially potty trained and
it was moved into the nursery.
we recently discovered that our dryer vent 
does not have a proper outlet.
we literally found 30 years of stuffed lent
in the soffits out front.
its the weirdest thing.
i don't know how it ever passed inspection
and i don't know who in their right mind
designed it this way to begin with.
its completely unsafe and a huge fire hazard.
so ronnie got out there and fixed it.
of course.
i don't know exactly what he had to do,
but i know we now have a new vent
and all our lent is safely discarded outside.
whatever.  not exciting, but definitely needed. 

then i got tired of looking at our orange fireplace,
so i mixed equal parts of our ceiling paint with water
and went at it.
i think it turned out amazing and it really updates the
look of the fireplace.
i had ronnie take the doors off and spray paint them.
we used oil rubbed bronze, but in the picture they look black.
during. top half done, bottom half to go:
 i would go into detail about how to whitewash brick,
but honestly, just read YHL.
the only difference is i only did one coat and
she does two.
it depends on how much "brick" you want to show through.

we also tore out the old sandbox and
put in one that ronnie's sister gave us.
i really wanted to keep the one that came with the house.
it was a wooden boat and i think with some
tender love and care it could have been super cute,
but when ronnie was cleaning it out we realized that
most of the boards were completely rotten.
we he basically would have had to rebuild the whole thing
and a sandbox is not exactly at the top of our project list,
so this was easiest/fastest solution.
brette is loving her new (clean) place to play,
so i'm not too disappointed.
and last,
ronald power-washed the shed and the deck.
he feels much better about it,
but i will feel better about it when it's been repainted,
which probably won't happen until next summer.
i can't WAIT to go gray.
the house is going to look one million times better.
until then...
so honestly,
our big projects are still lurking,
but no fear,
we are always working on something around here
and i'll keep you posted along the way.

i can't wait for the day my house feels done.
up next?
the nursery.
its officially been started!


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