Tuesday, March 15, 2011


i happen to be a bridal expert.  i have been in TEN weddings. 
and i have the dresses to prove it. (think 27 dresses)
for awhile i was the walking example of 'always a bridesmaid, never the bride.'
so let's just say, that i know my way around a bachelorette party - and i was excited for my next. 
when lucky mr. cox came along it was my turn for the showers, bachelorette, rehearsals...

that was two and half years ago.
it was also the last time my sorority sisters came to kansas city.
until now.

it is miss bauman's turn to get married and they decided to head my way from st. louis for the whole weekend.
craziness ensued.
i called my dear husband to come pick me up - at 4 in the morning - 30 minutes from where we live.
i am still so tired that i can't even relive the details.

so i may hang up my hat at being a bridal expert - my body can't take it.

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