Tuesday, March 22, 2011

spring has sprung

it reached 80 here yesterday.  and although that sounds hot, it was actually a gorgeous day.  no humidity and no bugs.  unfortunately i was sick and running a fever, but i managed to drag myself out on the deck for an hour to read.  i think my face might have even gotten a little sun.
i'm out of the office today too since my fever was still with me as of 10pm last night, but i'm pretty sure i'm back to being healthy.

i have already raked the yard and done a load of laundry. 
next up i'm heading over to westlakes to pick up some potted plants.

if spring is here, then it's time to get my 'plant' on. 
might as well take advantage of my sick day.

how do i know spring is here? hints are everwhere:
flowers at my brother's house

paper flowers on my mantle

got our deck furniture out from the basement

blooms on the trees

magazine covers are looking "springy"

grass is getting green

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