Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i'm running out of breath to hold


as i mentioned before i am looking for a career move.
i interviewed for a manager of public relations and marketing position back in january. 
it's my dream to have a job the involves pr AND marketing together, so imagine my disappointment when i never heard back.
then out of nowhere, (4 weeks later) the lady called me back in for a second interview.  only one month later after i had lost all hope.  whatev.
so i went in on friday and spoke with 3 other girls that also work in the department. (i say girls and not ladies, because i'm pretty sure that i was older or the same age as at least two of them.)
success!  it was a great interview.  no nerves, no stumbles... i felt confident when i left.
they said i would know something by the beginning of this week. 
it's wednesday. 
i have been patrolling my phone and email like a crazy woman.  let's just say i ran for the phone when i wasn't entirely done using the bathroom. 
call it commitment.
but alas, no word.
and it is freaking killing me.

say a prayer and cross your fingers.

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