Wednesday, January 4, 2017

last week, wrapped up in a ball.

christmas has come and gone and while
i feel like i should write a whole post to the holiday,
there's not much to say that hasn't already been said.
the girls LOVED opening gifts.
for reid, it was the tearing of the paper and throwing the tissue.
oh and the candy. this girls LOVES candy. 
for brette, it was the actual gift inside that got her going.
we are now proud owners of a million and one troll and 
shopkins items that brette is obsessed with.

ronnie's sister and her family came over and i made
a big turkey dinner, with potatoes, dressing, gravy, corn, 
green bean casserole, rolls, leftover cookies and pecan pie.
i had to make the pie twice because i had too much going on
and put the oven on at 450 instead of 350. 
damn the luck.
but besides that, i'd call it a success.
since then we've celebrated the holiday with my parents too
AND partied it up for new years eve,
how is it january 4th already?
for new year's we went out to jason and amy's
(ronnie's best friend, who we went on vacation with over the summer.)
we normally go to their annual party every other year.
one year with them and then one year with my friends.
although, with the way my friends are popping out kids,
we might never "party" again.
i hadn't been feeling well that day, but i pushed through
and had a really great time.

any party that involves flip cup, is my jam.
plus we played a few rounds of cards against humanity and
had an amazing dinner.
so. much. food.
my kids stayed with my parent's so we headed back to their place,
where i spent the next two days super sick.
(i knew i didn't feel well!)
and here i am today, resurfacing from the sewer and ready 
to start 2017 strong.
and by strong, i mean with at least one or two blog posts a week.
(sorry, i suck!)
as for resolutions?
i really don't have any.
i'm feeling pretty good about where life is headed and
i only plan to make it as fun as i can.


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