Saturday, December 24, 2016

on the eve of

Merry Christmas, Love the Cox's!
(for all of those not on our mailing list)

the children are nestled all snug in their beds.
the presents are out.
the cookies have been eaten.
stockings are stuffed.
ronald and i are cuddled up in bed watching christmas vacation.

we woke up this morning to a note from
tootie (our friendly elf).
 she told the girls goodbye and
left them pj's for tonight.
brette told me they weren't cute and she wasn't wearing them.
true to form, she went to bed in doc mcstuffins jammies.
she's trying to kill me.
i have my fingers crossed i can talk her into them
in the morning so our pictures are cute, but
i'm not holding my breath.
we went to church this afternoon and
then made an evening of looking at the lights.
we stopped by the magic tree and 
then drove out to brookside where
they really know how to decorate for the holiday.
by the time we got home, we had enough time to set 
out cookies, (we made some the other day just for santa)
put on jammies and read
'twas the night before christmas.'
it was a really fun night and i wouldn't mind
making it a tradition.
tomorrow i'm in charge of dinner.
i have a turkey ready,
dressing made,
potatoes done,
and rolls frozen.
all i have to do tomorrow is bake a pie.
i feel ready.
i'm really hoping for a chill, stress-free morning.
i want to enjoy santa with my kids.

i hope you're enjoying christmas to the max!

(first, our cookie adventures)

(and tonight, church and lights)

Joy to the World!

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