Sunday, December 18, 2016

december birthday brownies

my niece turned ten last week and we 
didn't get to celebrate with her over the weekend since
we were out of town at a wedding.
instead, we headed over to their house during the
week with a little gift and a sweet treat.
i made smore poke brownies.
have you ever made a poke cake?
it's like that, but with brownies instead.
can you say, ooey-gooey delicious?
they were amazing.
everyone loved them,
even ronald, who never eats dessert.
and to make it better?
they're so easy to make.
buy a box of brownies and make them
just like the directions say.
when they come out poke holes all over and
pour marshmallow fluff on top.
the marshmallow seeps into the brownie making 
it pretty much the best thing that has ever happened.
put the brownies into the fridge to let cool.
meanwhile, crush up some graham crackers.
i think i crushed up somewhere between 4-6.
whatever covers your brownies. 
i also warmed up some hot fudge.
after like 10 minutes, i pulled the brownies out
topped with graham and drizzled a bit of hot fudge.
you can stop there - because that's amazing OR
you can cut marshmallows in half and place on
top of the graham crackers. (or just use mini marshmallows)
then broil until marshmallows are golden brown.
(i didn't do this step because i didn't realize but the marshmallows 
we have in the pantry are fruit flavored.)

i saw this recipe on facebook - here's the video.

and here are mine:

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