Monday, December 19, 2016

sing and be merry

christmas programs are now at the
top of the list for favorite things.
literally - my favorite.
brette's little three year old class sang 
we wish you a merry christmas.
as a parent when you see your kid 
walk down the aisle of your church 
like such a big girl,
with prayer hands and a big smile, well,
its everything i've ever wanted for christmas.
and then she actually danced and sang, which
i really thought she would clam up and do nothing,
so it was such a sweet surprise.
the actual sound that comes out is more
like yelling chaos, but that just adds to the charm.
i'm already so excited for next year's performance.
i think i would send my kid to school 
just for the christmas program.
it really doesn't get any better.

meanwhile, my littlest turned up her cuteness so 
she wouldn't be outshone by her sister.
how freaking adorable is this???
mimi introduced her to hand lotion.

excuse me while i watch these on repeat and
die of cuteness overload.

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