Tuesday, December 13, 2016

winter wedding

one of my friends from college was married
over the weekend in jefferson city, so
ronnie and i dropped the girls off at my parent's
and made a little overnight trip of it.
it was so fun and the i loved the venue.
the bride was gorgeous and i got to hang
out with margie and all my sorority sisters -
which i never get to do, but love.
too much beer and a dry dz ride later,
we made it back to our hotel for a long winter's nap.
unfortunately, my parents were not having the same luck.
both kids were sick.
running fevers and couldn't breathe.
so instead of enjoying an actual guilt-free night away
with, dare i say, breakfast to follow, i got a text from
my dad letting us know that they had
a rough night and so did the girls.
of course that would happen.
so bright and early, ronnie and i hit the highway
back home to get two sick kids from my parents.
i've spent the last few days at home with them and
called into work monday so i could take them
into the doctor to see what was up.
ear infections, pink eye and a cold.
great combo.
i hate colds.
there's no medicine that helps,
they last for weeks and
someone always needs a tissue.
but we now have eye drops and antibiotics, so even
though the cold remains, the pink eye and ear infection
seem to be getting better and better.
we have family christmas on saturday and sunday, so
i need them feeling great and soon.
ps- ronnie is sick now too. awesome.

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