Wednesday, January 25, 2017

house tour: part five

i realized the other day, that
i hadn't done a house tour in a long time.
the last time i did a video was february.
where'd the time go?
since my house was picked up and 
brette was in school, i figured now 
was as good of time as any. 
but as always, i recommend watching my first house tour 
so you get a good picture of how far we've come. 
(2 months after purchase)
this tour is in two parts because i 
had to lug my kid upstairs so i stopped recording.

the biggest thing you'll notice should be 
the new decorations or furnishings
new couch downstairs,
no more baby crap out,
new curtains,
the family room walls are done.
new bed in B's room.
curtains in our room.
we didn't really have a big project completed this year
besides the family room because we focused on the outside.
(it's still not done, but i'm waiting on warmer weather.)
i'm just happy there's no more wood rot and i 
don't have to look at that heinous color every time i pull up.
i'm really really really hoping
we can knock out the entry and 
back bathroom in the next month.
i would give anything to finish the inside.
i made ronnie promise to work on 
the walls in the next couple months 
while its too cold to be outside.
i really really really hope he does it.

of course one day, i'd still like to redo
every single bathroom in the house.
the girl's needs a new tile floor,
our needs a total revamp and the 
downstairs one needs a new floor and counter.
one day.

ps- if you go back to look at the video from last
february you will be shocked with reid's growth.
i just love it. 

pss- the pillow that sits in the hallway is to block the
dogs from jumping through the railing to get upstairs and
pee on our carpet. the dogs are banned from the upstairs until bedtime.

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