Sunday, February 5, 2017

a slow winter

its not that i haven't wanted to blog,
its just that our laptop is giving me hell
and i'm not patient enough to write out a whole
post on my phone.
lately, the screen turns black except for a pink
line across the bottom and you can't do anything with it.
finally today, since brette is asleep with ronnie
and reid is passed out in her crib, i decided
i would give this laptop another spin.
whoop whoop, its working.
we obviously need to look into getting some sort
of tablet, but ronnie could give two shits about
electronics and i feel bad spending the money.
but really, my blog suffers.

so let's see what's been going on...
in true winter fashion, everyone is sick.
reid did her best to make sure i was covered 
head to toe in her vomit  yesterday, so that was fun.
we quarantined her to the shower until we both
were hosed down.
ronnie and i felt awful too and after putting the 
girls to bed at 6:45 (!) so we hit the sack at 8:30.
i'm feeling much better today and i think reid is
too, but ronnie is still a little gray.
i'm hoping this nap will help.

(no one felt great and everyone needed hugs.)

(after we got the puke off ourselves, she passed out on me while watching tv)

as for the house,
i did end up buying two new end tables (target)
for the family room and purchased
two leather chairs for the front room. (world market)

 (i still need a small drum table to go between the chairs, so
if anyone sees one out that is priced well, let me know)

it makes me happy to have some new stuff and 
get rid of the hand-me-down/college furniture we still had.
ronnie has also used these last two weekends to finish up
the walls in the entry way.
it sucks because we've missed out on a few social invites
so we could hang around the house and get it done,
but it does make me happy once the paint is dry.
next up, the walls in the back hallway, the downstairs bathroom
and building a mudroom bench area.
ronnie and i have been looking on pinterst for ideas and
i think we've settled on a bench that is open underneath so
we can have the dog beds in there.
then we'll have wainscoting up the wall with hooks
for coats and backpack with an open shelf at the very top.
i think it should be pretty easy for him and cale to build and
i can't tell you how excited i am to see it finished.
right now, it's a desk and basically we use it as a spot to 
throw all our junk.
it's not cute.

(our current disaster)

 (what i hope for one day - - on a smaller scale.)

i decorated the house last week for valentine's day
and i'm trying to come up with a cute little card the
girls can send out to family.
i haven't found one i love yet, so that's on my list of to-do's.
i also thought about doing another round of sugar cookies
like we baked for santa, except this time all hearts.
i think brette will love cookies that are all pink.
(because let me tell you, she will make sure you know
that her favorite color is pink. pink, pink, pink.)
remember this blog?  read #2. did i call it or what?

that's really all that's going on right now.
i hope we can get this house done soon so
we can just relax and enjoy some time off. 
maybe actually do something fun when we're asked.
i know ronnie is already looking forward to spring.
aren't we all...

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