Wednesday, February 15, 2017

weekly wrap up

i wrote all about valentine's day, but
i didn't actually have any pictures of the girls yet.
and i couldn't resist but share a few of them from
yesterday because the girls really did love the holiday.
what's not to love?
pink everything, cookies, new sunglasses and hearts everywhere.
both girls were a fan and they looked so cute in their new outfits.

in other news, my mother-n-law isn't coming 
to visit this weekend anymore.
(his grandma fell and she wants to stay to keep an eye on her)
ronnie and i really need to find time to go back there to visit.
we haven't been back since i was pregnant with reid.
it's just so hard to find a free weekend, especially with my work
schedule AND obviously, a seven hour road trip with two kids
is never at the top of my list of things i want to do.
but still, we need to.
now ronnie and i have a free weekend with no plans.
i can't decide to start a new project on the house or
try to find something fun to do.
maybe both?

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