Tuesday, February 14, 2017

my valentine

i actually don't have to work this tuesday,
so i get to spend the day with my little valentine's.
they're still sleeping, but i'm kind of used to getting
up around 6 and now i can't sleep.
of course.
i put their little presents out last night.
i bought everything off amazon prime last week.
a new outfit, sunglasses, a book and
brette's new obsession, the troll movie.
i'm sure i'll be watching that a few million times.

 (i ordered reid the red and brette the pink)

i planned on ordering papa john's heart-shaped pizza
tonight, but we had pizza over the weekend and its
not exactly diet friendly.
(i've been dieting for two weeks and i'm down 6lbs.)
instead, i'm going to whip up some pancake batter and 
use my heart cookie cutter to at least make them a little festive.
breakfast for dinner is always a hit and i can have
eggs and sausage and skip the pancakes.
speaking of heart-shaped cookie cutter, i was also thinking
of making some valentine's day sugar cookies.
we're having a playdate here tomorrow so it's always
good to have cookies in the house.
ronnie's sister's birthday is on thursday and she LOVED
those cookies at christmas time so i thought about 
taking her a batch too.

ronnie and i don't get each other anything for valentine's, but 
i feel like i have the best gift coming my way.
i scheduled cale to come to the house next weekend and
they're going to build a mud bench by the backdoor.
i'm super excited.
we're literally so freaking close to being done with this house.
i'm so happy with the entry way.
it looks so much better with white trim and painted walls.

hope you have a happy valentine's with the one(s) you love!

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