Friday, February 18, 2011

friday weigh-ins

holy shiz - i lost THREE POUNDS in 5 days. 
sweet jesus, it's a valentine's day week miracle.

and here's how it happened.
i was emailing one of my long lost college friends/sorority sisters/diet guru and told her i was feeling a bit chunky after the holidays and asked her for some advice. 
 this is what she wrote back:

As far as diets go... I would recommend the following

Egg whites (I get egg white beaters at the stores so they are all ready to go)
Put in whatever you like to spice them up - peppers/onion/turkey/feta cheese/ spinach etc.
If you like sweet potatoes I would recommend eating a small one with breakfast- Its good to eat a good carb with a protein, esp in the morning. I would poke holes in it and microwave it for like 6 minutes- nothing on it- I actually love it this way.

If you are working out at all I would recommend buying EAS protein shake for women- its the one with 17g of protein. Its amazing but you will notice a huge difference and you will see results as far as looking trimmer/leaner/ and stronger. I would have this as your snack- if you not working out you can still have one but sub it as a meal then- the chocolate are really pretty good.

Lunch I would do salad with tuna... or chicken but eat chicken the least- things like tuna and turkey are broken down quickly- I just read all about chicken and how a lot of specific blood types take much longer to metabolize chicken. I would say its still a good protein but limit it to a few times through out the week.

Dinner again I would do a big salad, any kind of fish, anything green with a protein. I would recommend getting all of your carbs in early.

Coffee is ok but limit the intake and DRINK TONS OF WATER. Go get a liter water bottle and drink 3 of them a day- sounds crazy and you will pee a lot but you will be soo impressed you will be peeing the weight off- so many benefits your skin will feel hydrated and clear- your hair will be shiny- you won't feel bloated- and you will seriously lose weight 2x as fast. If you don't do anything at all above that I mentioned but you drink 3 liters of water a day I still guarantee you you will lose weight.

Now that I prob bored the shit out of you with a diet plan- I am sure you were not excepting this but do me a favor follow it religiously for at least 10 days and tell me what you think!! If not, that is okay too :o)

isn't she amazing?  now here's exactly what i did:
first of all - i was on the treadmill twice and went to kickboxing class once.  i still plan on working out once or twice more before sunday is over.  my goal is between 3 - 5 times a week, depending on my schedule.
now for food.
for breakfast i would eat 1-2 eggs (not beaters because i forgot to buy them at the store), scramble them up with turkey, a tiny bit of cheese and add onions and peppers if i felt like it.
i bought sweet potatoes and would eat that mid-morning at work when i was having a snack craving.  pretty brillant, huh?
i've been eating only fish, shrimp, tuna and turkey.  i did have chicken once and i'm having it again today, but i'm really trying to cut back.  i had never heard that chicken wasn't the greatest thing, so i normally have it everyday.  i love chicken.
i pair my protein with a salad and vegetables.  i even tried a new one - asparagus (not that i've never had it, but i've never actually been the one to cook it).
i've also been drinking between 3 - 4 liters of water a day as i noted here.
ps- 1L = 33oz.

and now how i cheated:  (cue the "wah wah" music)
1. like i said above, i have been eating eggs and not egg whites.
2. i have had a piece of dark chocolate after dinner 3 out of the last 4 nights. yes, i am that weak for chocolate.
3. i never bought the protein shake.  i've tried protein shakes in the past and hated them and didn't want to waste my money trying a new brand. 
and 4. i had ranch dressing on every salad instead of the healthy vinaigrette choice.

3 down. 12 to go. 

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