Friday, February 11, 2011

more seating

our new sectional and cocktail table was delivered yesterday two weeks early!
(i did a little dance when i got the call)
i was just so excited to have the movers bring it in, i didn't really think about the placement of things.
turns out, ronnie and i had to move that sucker three times before i got it how i liked it. ronnie is still on the fence, but i think it looks good.
the rug i bought before christmas finally got brought up from the basement and is now being used.
this is before:

and this is after:

we brought home this chair from illinois a year ago when we went to visit ronnie's mom and i cannot wait to have the thing reupholstered.  right now our room is a little lopsided.  too much weight on one side.  i think this chair will help balance things out if we put it right here:

and lucky me - the furniture store will sell me the fabric i picked out for my throw pillows on the couch, so everything will coordinate.

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