Wednesday, February 23, 2011

turning 80

can you imagine?  my grandma is eighty years old.  the stories she can tell.
so to celebrate my family threw her a surprise party over the weekend and invited her friends. 
(yes, surprisingly enough, 80 year olds still have friends.)
my mom and her sisters did a lot of work, but it was so good - - grandma even got a little teary eyed.

the rough part?
the two lasagnas, lemon poppy seed cake, stuffed mushrooms, ham roll-ups, pecan tarts, chocolate-caramel squares, cream cheese & cucumber sandwiches, cookie dough brownies ...and salad.

can you guess what i had for dinner?  the salad. 
shoot me now.

don't ask me what i had for lunch - - some of those other options somehow appeared in my mouth.  diet be damned.

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