Tuesday, May 5, 2015

house decorations

ronnie and cale put up a few walls over the weekend
of the wood planking and i think it looks fabulous.
we ended up buying sheets of underlayment and cutting
them piece by piece, but the boys put together a jig
and were able to cut them four sheets at a time.
i am taking total credit for this because i said
all along the cheapest thing to do would be
to buy sheets and cut them ourselves rather
than try to find paneling we liked.
turns out i was right.
ronnie spend $100 and still has enough wood leftover
to get a whole wall done in the family room.
i wish we had done this in our bedroom too.
its WAY cheaper.

we have the dining room done and
the living room done because we only did
one wall in each room.
the family room is all we have left,
but it will take longer because we are doing e v e r y  wall.
i'm hoping ronnie decides to just get it over with
and do it soon, but who knows.

keep in mind that these boards will eventually get painted the same color
as our walls.  we just did this to add some design and to cut down
on the amount of wallpaper we'd have to deal with.
should look something like this...
which gets me in the mood to start
buying things to hang on the walls.
i've lived here long enough without decorations.
it's killing me.
i have a few things picked out.
some stuff ordered.
and a couple things i need to still buy.
this will hang over our sectional in the family room:
i'm currently collecting recipe cards from the family
in our grandma's handwriting.
the older and more loved, the better.
i'd like to frame and hang them on the backside
of the kitchen cabinet that faces the family room.
here is an example i found on pinterest:
on the side of that cabinet i'd also like to hang
a framed table runner.
something old school like this:
once its framed, then we can use it as
message board.
its a fun way to make grocery lists
and add a bit of texture to the idea.
(imagine this with lace instead of green)
my last idea is for the long wall in the living room.
i've always wanted to add a big shelving unit because
i miss the ones in my old house that flanked the fireplace.
so far the ones i've found aren't big enough for such a long wall,
but then i thought maybe we could build one.
these popped up on pinterest and ronnie said it wouldn't be hard.
consider it added to his list.
plus i love that it will add a bit of an industrial feel,
which i'm currently obsessed with.

i think that's it for now.
i just need ronnie to get finished so
i can start actually hanging all these things.

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