Tuesday, May 26, 2015

long break

i think i'm going through that tired phase of
the third trimester.
i love me some naps.
and obviously, i haven't been spending my spare time blogging.
sorry about that.
it doesn't help that i've spent the last two weekends traveling.
first i went to st louis to visit with my sorority sisters,
spend some quality time with marge and her family
and celebrate another little baby and mamma at a shower.
it was really a lot of fun and it gave ronnie some
time to get work done around the house and have some
"guy" time. you know, pizza and beer.



then the next weekend we headed out to illinois
for the long holiday weekend.
we wanted to get in one last visit with ronnie's family
before i'm too far along to travel.
THAT trip was not good.
its seven hours.
i physically felt like i might die.
since we left at night,
brette slept so we tried to keep our stops to
a minimum. 
as in one.
as in, one in seven hours.
not cool.
i learned my lesson and we stopped several times
on the way home and it was much better.
brette caught a little cold while we were there
and her sleep schedule was all thrown off so we had
a few long nights.
nothing we can't get past,
it just made me extra tired.

in fact,
i think i need to go bed...
i promise to not wait so long before we meet again.

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