Wednesday, May 6, 2015

naming a kid

growing up i can remember at sleepovers saying:
if i have a girl i'm going to name her this and
if i have a boy i'm going to name him that.
luckily ronnie dug the name brette and i got to acutally
use my favorite girl name.
if we were having a boy we already had his name ready to go.
but never, never did i come up with TWO girl names.
i guess as kids you always assume you'll have one of each.
so now what?!
i have to come up with another name that i love just as much
and its. so. freaking. hard.
we've gone back in forth with a lot of ideas.
originally my fave was everly reid
and ronnie's fave was riley elyse.
i nixed riley because i think its way too popular.
ronnie nixed everly because he said it reminded
him of the everly brothers and sounds like beverly.
so then we came up with sawyer.
we both really liked it and i thought,
winner, winner, chicken dinner!
but one night ronnie said her name out loud with
our last name and i died.
sawyer cox.
saw your cocks.
that got the ax.
i still really like the names
ronnie's fave is reid. 
originally my idea for a middle name, but
i think it might get promoted to a first name.
but reid what?
 those pesky middle names are always hard for us.
so basically we have NOTHING figured out.
and its killing me.

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