Tuesday, May 12, 2015

parent's day

i'm sure everyone spent the weekend
either celebrating with their mammas or
at least thinking about how great they are.
i mean, they raised amazing kids, am i right?!
my mom and my dad have done A LOT for us this year.
"a lot" doesn't even really cover it.
i mean, we lived with them for four freaking months.
and i'm not kidding when i say that i didn't do
a single load of laundry the whole time.
nothing to be proud of, but still, it was nice.
not to mention all the dinners i got out of cooking.
i think i made three dinners in four months.  
be impressed.
they saved us so much money by letting us live there
instead of renting a place.
it was almost a shock to our system
when we finally moved into our house and remembered what
it was like to pay for everything.
oh yeah, this sucks.
not just the laundry and the cooking and the money,
but also brette spent this amazing four months with my parents.
its probably not every grandparents dream,
but mine really really loved having her.
and she really really loved being with them.
(now how do i convince them to take
unnamed baby #2 for 4 months?
i mean, its only fair.)
AND if i can add one more thing to this list that ronnie and i are so grateful for,
its the hours and hours they spent working at our house.
moving us, hauling furniture, peeling wallpaper, peeling more wallpaper,
peeling even more wallpaper. 
they spent a lot of days off up here helping us out,
eating fast food on the floor, and watching brette while
getting stuff done.
it was amazing.
so yes, i spent a day with my mom on saturday
and gave her a rose bush and a facial,
but really, don't they deserve so much more?
happy mother's day and a future shout-out to father's day as well.
i'm lucky to have the ones i got.




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