Sunday, August 21, 2016

and she's off...

brette started preschool on wednesday.
and don't let this face fool you,
she was not happy.

i would love to say that she had the best day
ever and it was so great,
but, that's not exactly how it went down.

she cried.
a lot.
from the moment i went in her room to get her
dressed for school she started crying.
she stopped for a bit when i turned on cartoons
and i even managed to get her outside for a picture.
once we got to school she clung to me and
would not look or talk to anyone.
when her teacher asked her a question,
she looked at me and said,
"i don't know what's she talking about."
i died.
so i walked around a showed her different places
to play, where her cubby was and where to use the bathroom.
when i finally did go to leave,
she lost it.
i had to get the teacher to come back and 
take her off me so i could actually get out
of the classroom.
at least i managed to escape with no tears.
i didn't want to add to our drama.
its so not the way i wanted her first morning to go.
i thought about her all day, hoping she was loving it.
when i picked her up from school that afternoon her
teacher told me she had a good day,
took a nap and was quiet.
(i was thinking - that ain't my girl)
when asked brette if she liked her school and had a good day - 
she said no.
i asked her if she liked her teacher -
she said, "she's disgusting and has poop on her face."

well great.

luckily, when i took her back on friday,
she walked right in, took a seat and 
didn't cry at all.
AND she got rave reviews from her teacher again.
so i'm thinking she really does like it there.
she just likes to give me a heart attack when possible.
sounds about right.

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