Wednesday, August 17, 2016

walks of life

do you want to know what my little stinker did
while i was gone on vacation?

she. started. walking.
without me.
that turd.

before i left, she had to have a
push-toy or she would only take a step,
maybe two, before falling.
then the moment i walk out the door,
she does the same.

i tried to convince my parents to keep 
pushing her down when she would 
start walking, but instead they
counted her steps and sent me taunting
text messages while i was 12 hours away.

i hated life.

of course my kid would pick the 
seven days i'm out of state to start
doing the coolest thing.
of course i would miss it.
of course my parents don't video it.
of course.

but i really am excited.
this makes things so much easier.
she can go outside and play!
she can get her own stuff!
she can occupy herself for so much longer!

now excuse me, i'm off to go buy padding
and a helmet.
i'm pretty sure the next few months are going
to be spent running around trying to keep her from injury.

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