Wednesday, August 3, 2016

over the rainbow

reid had a wonderful little birthday party
over the weekend.
rainbow themed with lots of water play.
since this is the one party we invite friends,
i thought it might be nice to have something for
all the kids to do.
we had little kiddie pools and a slip-n-slide.
it was colorful and loud and
reid was a little overwhelmed,
but all in all, i think it went great.
we let everyone play for awhile while
we all snacked.
then we opened gifts and watched
reid dominate her smash cake.
she was hilarious.
but i made the mistake of doing
the smash cake inside.
i don't know why i didn't think of it,
but hello, ALWAYS do the smash cake outside.
it got a little messy and i had to take reid
upstairs for a quick wash-off.
i think everyone had a good time and
i'm so happy we all got together to celebrate her first birthday
and eden lou's forth birthday.

Happy Birthday, Girls!

and now for a million photos: 


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