Tuesday, August 30, 2016

sleeping beauty

i read that when your baby
starts sleeping through the night,
then your big kid will inevitably start
getting up.
just to mess with you.
i laughed.
not brette.
she always sleeps through the night.
sure, now a days she falls asleep in the hallway
but still - s l e e p i n g.
we were battling the whole
"sleep in your bed thing"
but then it turned into 
"why are you in my room at 3am thing?"
not cool.
i can't believe this is happening.
reid took NINE months to sleep through 
the night and now i'm dealing with brette.
i was way too confident in my girls. 
and then i think i made a mistake.
i let her climb in bed with us.
she's never slept with us and honestly,
i never wanted to start that. 
now, almost every night,
she comes in and gets in bed. 
this. is. not. happening.
so here's my plan:
when she comes in my room,
i'll let her get in for 5 minutes.
then 4, then 3, until, eventually, i'll  take her
straight back to bed and
hopefully, she'll just stop coming in altogether.
she might lose her mind for a couple days,
but it will be totally worth it if i can nip this in the bud.

i've also thought about maybe 
buying her a new bed?
maybe she's not comfortable anymore?
i'm not sure.
i was thinking that if i made a big deal out of
new bed then, she would stay in it better.
i could have her help pick out bedding and stuff -
make her feel like a big girl.
i'm not convinced this will work though.
i made a big deal out of taking the 
rail off her crib and all that did was make 
her start sleeping on the floor.

this is literally driving me crazy.
i just want to lay her down,
fall asleep and i'll see her in the morning. 
i've had a couple people tell me that they
lock the kid's door so they have to stay in 
their room, but i'd like to avoid that.

if you have anything brilliant to share,
please send suggestions.

(meanwhile - i put reid down at 7:45 and
i don't see that pretty girl until 7:30 the next morning.
THIS is my goal for both girls.)

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