Thursday, September 1, 2016

my so-called life

every once in awhile my old
calendar comes back and i actually have
a social life.
not that i don't see people.
it's just normally i have reid on one hip
while trying to make sure brette is playing nicely.
and most play dates involve at least five other kids.
those are fun too, but
a couple nights without the kiddos is surely appreciated.

we bought tickets LAST NOVEMBER
for a dixie chicks concert in august.
then in april, lindsay and i bought tickets
to a vintage market with guest speaker ree drummond.
hello pioneer woman.
i. am. in.
and finally last month i received an invite
to a bridal shower.
once i wrote everything down,
it ended up that these things were all within
four days of each other.
nothing like over-booking yourself.

so friday, i took off work and headed
downtown kansas city to the west bottoms.
this part of town is known for their antiques.
they have taken all the old warehouses and
turned them into huge shops.
it's amazing.
this event, called the vintage whites market,
 actually brought in shops and vendors who
set up booths for a lot of compact shopping.
plus, you were able to venture out to the warehouses as well.
and the best part, they had ree come in as their guest speaker.
linds and i bought the tickets that included the meet and greet,
so ree is now my new best friend.
that's why i call her ree and not the pioneer woman.
best friends do that.
you longtime readers know how 
obsessed i am with her show and her recipes.
it was a fun day and ronnie was able to spend 
some quality time with the girls after work.

sunday afternoon while the girls were napping,
i made my exit once again to go to 
adrienne's bridal shower.
i really wanted to go because we don't work
together anymore and i don't get to see her very often.
she's getting married in florida so we obviously
aren't going to the wedding, so i was happy to 
spend the afternoon with my old work buddies and catch up.
they also had the best "lemonade" ever.
for real, try this recipe.

and then two days later... DIXIE CHICKS!
anyone that knows me, knows i freak out 
over garth brooks and the dixie chicks.
they are my jam.
i was obviously crushed when DCX broke up
and i had never gotten to see them live. 
my college roomie, marge, is just like me.
we. heart. the chicks.
so last november her and i were going crazy,
buying tickets right when they went on sale. 
i've been, for real, counting down the months.
we had the most fun group of girls that all went.
of course, being a sorority girl, we don't do
anything without getting t-shirts made.
i came up with this little number,
and i think it's pretty great.
know the quote?

a little pre-party at dana's and then an uber ride later,
i had my singing voice ready.
i also managed to buy a beer in 
record time during a prince cover that
impressed even me.
i literally ran to the concessions, no line, 
and ran back within a minute.
i didn't want to miss a thing.
i was hoarse, but totally happy by the end of the night.

so the girls have had a few evenings with daddy.
but sometimes, my social life comes a calling and
i just have to answer.

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