Sunday, September 18, 2016

elbow grease

there is something about being around a year old,
that my kids get injured.
well, a few days ago i had to run 
reid to children's mercy for a dislocated elbow.
i had actually heard of kids getting their elbow
dislocated (nursemaid elbow) because kassie is an OT and we had
talked about her having to calm down a crying
mother when kass had given her the news about her son.
i distinctly remember picturing this poor boy's
arms hanging awkwardly, while he screamed in pain.
in actuality, it's not like that at all.
in fact, i didn't notice it for a few hours.
(which i feel horrible about, ps)
i think i have a memory of pulling her up by her arms 
while we were playing in the playroom.
that's the only thing i can think of that would have caused it,
unless brette did something that i don't know about.
i guess it's pretty common and it CAN happen from 
something as simple as lifting them wrong.
(you should pick up kids by their trunk, 
never by their arms or legs.)
and i KNOW that.
i guess i just assumed that it would be ok and 
she would have had to be yanked on in order for it to do any harm.
not the case.
she was being fussy, but her front teeth are coming in,
so i blamed that.
i decided to give her a popsicle to snack on.
still fussy.
it was time for her morning nap, so 
i chalked it up to teeth + sleepy.
i gave her some ib profin and laid her down.
she tossed and turned and fussed in her crib, but
never actually fell asleep.
that is super odd for reid.
she takes a morning nap like a champ.
so i'm a little flustered because i don't know 
what's bothering her so much.
i go ahead and get her back up and it was
going on lunch time, so i decide she must be hungry.
(i mean really, what else is there?!)
THAT is when i finally noticed she was favoring her right arm.
not just favoring it, but would not move her left arm at all.
she was trying to eat everything one handed and 
lift her sippy cup with one hand.
her left arm stayed straight against her body.
so literally two and half hours later, i finally catch on.
i call kassie first, because hello, she's an expert.
if she lived closer i would have just had her come
over and fix it herself, but she told me to take her into the pediatrician.
i call them, but of course, everyone is at lunch.
the lady at the front desk can't get me in until 2:00.
um no.
she suggested i take her into a pediatric urgent care, 
which is located in children's mercy hospital.
i load up both girls, cussing that i had cleaned the 
house that morning and i look like trash.
i feel like if i'm going to take my child in for
an injury i (may or may not) have caused, i should at least look like a
person that would never purposely hurt their kid.
not, lets say, like someone that forgot to shower this week.
we get there and everyone is super nice.
can i just say how impressed i am with children's mercy?
their facility and staff were on point.
once we see the doctor, 
her little elbow is fixed in literally less than 10 seconds.
she immediately bends it which is a huge relief and
isn't crying or anything.
and then i'm pretty sure i side-stepped getting social 
services called on me by hair.
the doctor steps out of the room to print off our paperwork and
brette is "reading" a book next to me.
out of nowhere, she looks up and
says, and i kid you not, 
"why are you so angry?"
um? whaaa?
can you imagine if she had said that in front of the doctor
as i hold my baby that i (may or may not) have injured?
i would have died. 
i wasn't mad or scolding her or anything.
she just said something random.
i'm telling you, my three year old is trying to get me.
be on the lookout.
all in all, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
i would feel better about it if:
A- i could blame this on brette.
B- realized she was hurt within the first five minutes.
but it's a good lesson and reminder
that even though kids are resilient,
they're little bodies are still growing and 
we have to be careful.

here's children's mercy-east.
it was seriously so perfect for kids.
(but i'm hoping i never have to go back. ever.)

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