Tuesday, September 13, 2016

more teeth, more sleep

reid's been sick since sunday.
we took the kids to the apple orchard
and i thought she felt hot after.
she slept the whole way home, but even
after we made it home she
was so tired she couldn't get her head up.
she fell asleep in my arms at 5:45.

we had dinner without her and made
it all the way until 7:45 when she woke back up.
i did a quick diaper change, threw on her pj's, 
gave her some medicine and laid her back down.
she was up for maybe 10 minutes.
she woke up at 5:30am, so i gave her more medicine 
and popped that pacifier back in and
she didn't get up until almost NINE.
holy cow.
that little one slept almost 15 hours.
and then last night i laid her down about
7:45 and she didn't get up this morning until 9:30.
another 14 hours night.
it's teeth.
she's not throwing up, she doesn't have a cough
or a snot nose, no diarrhea - just a fever at night
with lots of sleep.
i checked her mouth this morning and i can feel
her one of her top teeth coming in. 
i don't remember brette being so affected by teeth,
but it's really taking it out of poor reid.
i am excited though.
i've been dying to see what she'll look like 
with an actual mouthful of teeth.

hopefully, all this sleep means
she's getting more than just one.

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