Tuesday, September 6, 2016

summer sets

we went campering this weekend.
monday was labor day and since no
one had to work, it was a nice time to go.
unfortunately, i drew the short straw and had
to work on saturday.
ronnie went ahead and left friday.
he took reid to my parent's and
he and brette went down to set everything up.
i picked up reid saturday after work and met
them down there in time for a boat ride.
we had a nice afternoon swimming it just sucks because 
the girls never nap.
no nap is normally a recipe for disaster.
it's nice because we do community dinners
with everyone else down there so it takes
the stress out of mealtime when the girls hit a wall.
fortunately, there are so many other kids to play
with that brette never really gets awful and
they're both so tired after a long day in
the sun they go to bed after dinner with no fuss.
we spent the next day relaxing and
spent another afternoon out on the boat.
i took reid in the water for the first time.
jason and amy have a little intertube with a mesh 
bottom so i can sit in it and hold her.
she loved it and she 
would have stayed out a lot longer but
i got nervous about having her in the sun.
for real, i don't know how fast red-heads burn.
it freaks me out. 
brette pretty much stays in the water the whole time.
she is a little fish. 
oh, except for when she came on the boat to tell me she had to poop.
i swam her to the ROCK shore,
where i killed my feet.
 i stripped her down,
let her sit on my arm and she took a huge shit in
front of the whole boat.
that's my girl.
next time, i'm sending ronnie.

it was a nice weekend away.
perfect weather.
fun company.
and a great end to the summer.

we had a similar day last year...
maybe next labor day reid will 
actually be awake for the family photo.

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