Wednesday, September 14, 2016

apples to apples

we found an adorable little 
apple orchard up north by a
recommendation from a friend.
brette was only two and reid, just a few months.
and although it was cute and brette had
a good time, this year was even better.
we brought madeline and eden along
for the day and the three girls had a ball
running around the whole farm together.

i am already excited for next year, when
reid will be able to keep up and really
enjoy herself too.
(i actually think she could have done more this year,
but wasn't feeling very well, so she sat on me a lot.)
the girls were most excited about picking apples
to fill their very own baskets
and going for a hay ride.
eden decided she was going to make an apple pie,
while brette and madeline just wanted me to
let them eat them right off the tree.
(i did a little washing first)
we had a picnic lunch,
shopped around their little store,
played pretend in the playhouses,
fed the chickens, and 
had a special treat from the cafe on site.
(the girls chose a rice crispy treat instead of the 
apple fritter i was pushing. its disappointing i didn't raise my girls better.)

it was a good day and i'm glad these 
girls are so close.
i didn't have any cousins my age growing up
so this feels like a such a bonus for our girls.

ronnie took turns lifting the girls up to the 
top of the trees so we could find some better apples.

and then of course, we had to eat some.

the girls were so funny while feeding the chickens.
brette and eden had no fears and went at them,
meanwhile, madeline and i tried to be brave but decided
we're not huge fans.
and ronnie thought it was pretty cool you could hand-feed
a turkey, so he stayed busy doing that.

its was the perfect day and a
great way to start off the fall season.

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