Thursday, September 29, 2016


here are a few tidbits about this week:

1- i made two new dishes this week.
i think both of them were really easy and 
everyone at it well.  
(not brette, but i don't count her because she 
really doesn't eat meals anymore.  good times.)
i used thighs instead of breasts in the chicken dish
and cut the tomatoes in half in the ham dish,
both were good modifications for us.
i have a recipe for ham and apple quiche that 
i'm going to try over the weekend.
(ronnie thawed out a 10 lb ham like we
were having freaking easter dinner, so 
i've been trying to come up with ways to use it.)

2- i was doing laundry on tuesday and when 
i was bent over getting clothes out of the washer,
the lid fell on my face.
literally, landed right on the bridge of my nose.
i would never survive any sort of attack.
the instant someone comes at my nose, i'm out.
it was the worst freaking pain. 
i'm assuming its comparable to getting punched in the face, 
only you can't fight back so it just leaves you 
super pissed with watery eyes.
for real, i still can't touch it its so tender. 

3- i dropped brette off at school on wednesday and
the teacher asked me if brette talked at home.
saaaaay what?
my child?
the one that never shuts up?
apparently my kid doesn't talk at school.
this just goes to show that you never actually 
know your kids like you think you do.
i was sure brette was a little social butterfly.
here i was worried that she was overusing the word "booty"
when in fact, she isn't saying hardly anything at all.
the teacher said she will only speak when asked a direct question
and even then, she only whispers.
my little freak.

4- in other brette news,
she is getting worse at night.
she is now refusing to sleep in her room at all.
since i'm not down to share my bed, she 
is currently spending her nights in the hallway.
i still cannot believe this is brette,
my little super sleeper.
she never gave me any troubles and now i can't even
keep her in her room.
ronnie and i decided to buy her a new bed.
we're thinking/hoping she's outgrown her crib.
i'm praying that once we get a new bed in there she
finds a new love for her room and her bed.

5- i'm recommending an author.
Liane Moriarty
i've read four of her books recently and loved them all.
seriously.  if you're a reader and looking for
something good, check her out.

6- i'm on a curtain kick.
curtains for the dining room, 
curtains for the living room,
curtains for the master bedroom.
i'll post pictures when i have them all hung.
right now, the only ones we have up are in the dining room.
i love the finishing affect curtains have on a room.

7- lastly, here are the girls from this week looking
extra adorable and sweet.

i'm done.
let's just go ahead and start the weekend.

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