Thursday, October 6, 2016

he's getting older

remember back in the day when 
it's one of my favorite stories to tell
because i always end up crying-laughing.
it's just my memory of his legging slithering across the floor,
trying to get to bed, while i ignore him because i was on the phone, gets me every time.
(i'm the worst.)

so you can imagine the laugh i had when i came 
home sunday to find ronnie on the couch watching tv - - back broken.
for some people, sitting on the couch watching television 
might be pretty normal, but in my house,
it's cause for concern.
he said he had been out spreading lime on our yard 
(80 lb bags) and then he went to start his chainsaw.
it was too much.
he went down and had to basically crawl back to the house.
he stayed on the couch for a few hours so by the time
we tried to get him up he was so 
stiff and his back completely seized up.
(i might have laughed some trying to get him up.)
it took us forever. 
there was a lot of cries out in pain, followed by giggles.
and i might have tried recording him to have video, but he yelled at me.
he's no fun.
basically, he ended up using my head as a crutch.
i left him propped up in the doorway and went to find
something in the basement he could use as a cane.
i found his fly rod case.
he had to stand for most of the rest of the day because
sitting hurt so much.
he took off work the next day and went to urgent care for 
some pain medicine and made an appointment with 
rockhill orthopedic for friday so he can get another epidural shot.
i've spent this week doing most everything.
he can't pick up the kids, he can't bend over to get anything,
he can't put on his own socks, he can't get out of the tub after soaking his back. (ew)
although, he did go back to work?
i'm not sure how helpful he is, but there's
no way ronnie could have sat around here all week.
it would have killed both of us.
i'm like a live-in nurse. 
i really hate life.
he really hates life.
so anyway, i really can't wait for friday.
i need ronnie back in working order. 
but it HAS been nice to watch tv together.
i have to take advantage while i can.

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