Monday, October 17, 2016

the shit show

family fall day was really cute, but first
let me tell you all about our very own
shit show that is now playing at my house.
friday night ronnie heard our bathroom sink gurgling.
he checked our basement drain and yep,
it's clogged.
thank god there was no actual poopy water in the basement,
but we were definitely close.
ronnie said he would try snaking it in the morning, which
i was praying would work since we had
all my relatives headed our way the next day.
it. did. not. work.
of course not.
so last minute, we had a change of location for family fall day and
we had to try to figure out what to do with the house.
there was good news though.
ronnie's best friend, jason, had the company excavator at his house.
um, yes please.
he brought it over and the two of them spend the rest of the day
digging up the septic system and figuring out the problems.
the bad news?
we have major issues.
enough where we had to pack our bags and head to
my parent's house for a week.
ronnie and jason bought supplies and ordered
two dump trucks full of gravel to be delivered.
the plan is to be back in our house by friday.
f i n g e r s  c r o s s e d

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