Thursday, October 27, 2016

i'm here to pump, you up.

i started a new workout program.
i know.
it's been awhile.
like maybe years?
oh sure, i diet all the time,
but actually getting up and doing
some exercise?
well, like i said, it's been awhile.
this might not be accurate, but the last time
i remember working out consistently was when
i brought the treadmill upstairs in my old house
because i was pregnant with brette.
let me repeat: PREGNANT WITH BRETTE.
four years ago.
but my friend, marge, told me about this cool
thing she's been doing for awhile now through facebook.
(which means, yes, you can do it too!)
it's called 2 Fit to Quit, and it's a closed group so
if you actually want to join me in this little endeavor,
let me know and i can add you.
here's how it works:
you pay $30.
$20 goes in the pot and $10 goes toward administrative fees.
and then you make a commitment to
workout 30 minutes a day for an allotted term.
the last round they did was 60 days.
the one we're currently on is 75 days.
in this specific round, we get 8 rest days of our choosing
and all holidays off including black friday.
everyday you log into facebook and post proof of your workout.
you have to take a picture of your FitBit, or treadmill screen,
or workout video - - just something that proves you
worked out for 30 minutes.
along with that you also  
have to take a "sweaty selfie."
if you take more than 8 days of rest, then you
forfeit the money you paid in.
at the end, the ladies that make it all
the way through split the money in the pot.
the last round they had 140 ladies sign up and
88 challengers that completed all 60 days.
the total $$ in the pot was $2800, so the 88 ladies each
got $31.80 back.
so it's not like you're winning big money, but if you
stick to it then it pays for itself.
i've really enjoyed it so far because you can get some
good work out ideas and its so motivating.
i don't want to be that person that can't make it.
plus it forces me to think about my day and figure out
a way to get 30 minutes of free time to exercise.
it sounds easy, but honestly, finding 30 minutes with no kids is hard.
just today i managed to get 15 minutes on the treadmill before
they woke up and i did a 20 minute arm exercise off youtube while
the girls crawled all over me.
luckily, most days i can get it done during nap, but on
mondays and fridays is gets tricky.
this also started the week i lived with my parent's so
one day i had to go to the community center and
the other two days i drove up to lee's summit to get on the treadmill.
(i was there for other reasons too, but still...)
so yeah, i'm excited.
i'll let you know if i make it.
the 75 days are over on new year's eve.
hopefully, i can see some real results in time to ring in the new year.
and for those of you that want in on the next round,
you'll have to wait until 2017, but honestly,
i think you should do it.
come join me and marge, my already skinny friend who still insists on working out.

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