Tuesday, October 11, 2016

october days

september is for the apple orchard, which
means october is made for the pumpkin patch.
we normally travel out to johnson's farm with the fam, but
brette's class had a fieldtrip planned to faulkner's ranch.
(which is 30 minutes closer to our house and just as cute.)
they allowed siblings to come, so reid and i met brette and
her class last wednesday for some good old fashion fall time fun.
they had story time in the hay.
crawled through a blow-up caterpillar.
went for a hayride.
made friends with the barnyard animals.
had duck races.
found their way through a corn-maze.
and picked out their very own pumpkins in the patch.
the weather was on point and i liked that i was finally
able to meet some of the other parents and kiddos in B's class.
brette's favorite part?
the bus ride.
of course.

 (reid wanted to be part of the class.)

ronnie missed out but i think we're going to skip
going again as a family.
we have homecoming, family fall day
and finally, halloween.
our calendar is full.
but that's just the way fall was meant to be.
i'm actually hosting family fall day this year.
i'm pretty excited just because it will be so much
easier on the girls.
tired? i can haul them upstairs, no problems.
i've decorated my house and been making a list of
things i need to grab at the store.
that's on my to-do list for tomorrow.
it's supposed to be kind of hot, which
bums me out, but hopefully we have a super fun day.
can't wait.


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