Sunday, September 25, 2016

so about last week

last week got a bit busy.
on monday, it was my birthday.
another year under my belt and
another number added to my count.
t h i r t y - t h r e e
i do not like getting older.
but i had a nice day at work full
of treats, including my bff, kassie, stopping by
with an added dessert. 
then a normal monday night dinner with
the fam, including my favortie foods:
chicken pot pie with reese's peanut butter
yes, it was amazing.

here are the girls baking for me.

tuesday, my parents watched the girls all
morning while i went to get my hair
cut and colored. 
it was a nice, relaxing few hours to myself.
they also finished painting the back door
in my family room, which is now FINISHED!
(i'll do a complete recap on our finished room later.)

my hair length before.

and after.

wednesday and thursday, i actually got to watch 
baby elle, kassie's little 11 week old.
it's the first time i've been around her on my own and
i loved getting to know this little peanut,
which i lovingly started calling "butter."
it fits her. 
wednesday, we went to kassie's.
brette was in school, so it was me, reid and elle.
at one point i actually had elle in my left arm, while
reid was in my right arm, both asleep.
i really wish i had gotten a picture.
it was so sweet. 
thursday, elle came to our house.
she basically slept the whole time because
she took a three hour nap.
it was killing brette because she just wanted
to hold, feed, play, watch baby elle.
and reid was so sweet with her, just giving her kisses.
(open mouthed, licking kisses, but still.)

friday, it was back to work and that
evening i worked the octoberfest in town,
then woke up and worked saturday morning.
busy. busy. busy.
and here we are on a new week.
let's get started.

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