Thursday, May 4, 2017

adventures in potty training

we've been doing a little thing called 
potty training around here and i have
not changed my mind since doing this with brette.
it is still the worst thing ever.
i really hate it.
like, really hate it.
but it IS worth it, so
i continue to be a believer that at the age of 21 months

we decided not to go down to the lake 
last weekend because all its been doing
in missouri lately is raining.
it really ruined our weekend.
so instead we stayed home and potty trained reid.
ronnie was basically in charge of keeping brette 
occupied and out of the house so i could focus
on running reid to the bathroom and mopping my floors.
i have to say, i think ronnie had a nice weekend.
he took brette and went with a friend shopping, 
then out to lunch.  
he came home in time to take a nap and eat dinner.
meanwhile, my youngest child is giving me a run for my money.
saturday actually wasn't too awful.
i set the timer for every 15-30 minutes and made her try to go potty.
we had probably a half a dozen accidents.

sunday though.
sunday was a nightmare.
she literally had accident after accident after accident.
i pretty much thought she was never going to get this and 
decided i would give it one more day and if she hadn't 
caught on by day 3, then i would scratch my plan and
try again in august.

the third day was a monday, so my parents had her and
they said she did great.
only one accident the whole day.
say whaaaa?
so i kept with it.
since then, day 4, 5, and 6, she has also had only one accident a day.
we have yet to have a completely successful day, but
she is doing a lot better.
most of her "accidents" are the number 2 kind.
i cannot get her to go poop in the toilet.
she'll tell me and i'll rush her to the toilet, but 
then she won't do anything.
she's not very patient so she won't just sit there and wait it out.
instead, she demands to get off the pot and then 5 minutes later,
she has a mess in her pants.
it's so disgusting.
you try to slowly remove shitty underwear from a one year old
that won't stay still.
it. gets. everywhere.
but on the positive side,
she did run errands with me and we never had a problem.
(thank god, because carset clean-up is also on the top of
my list as one of the worst things that can happen while potty training.)
ronnie also took her out to dinner and 
she made it through completely dry.
tomorrow is friday so she goes to her sitter and i'm packing
pull-ups, which i totally don't believe in using, but i don't 
want her sitter to have to clean up any messes and i'm 
not 100% confident in her skills yet.

so three days and totally trained???
eh, kind of.
but we'll get there.

ps- for anyone wanting to try this, 
i put a diaper on her at nap and she's never been wet,
so i think i could cut this out.
i also put a diaper on her at bedtime and she always wakes up wet,
so just like brette, i'm pretty sure her nighttime diaper
isn't going away anytime soon.

want a little comparison shot of my girls?!
little wedgies, lol!



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