Sunday, May 21, 2017

the last two weeks

i never got around to my weekly recap.
probably because i spend most of my time
thinking about how much i need to get done in the
next two weeks before my full-time gig starts.
but we've actually had a fun few weeks over here.
1- garth brooks concert.

2- campering down in bennett springs.

3- brette's field trip to deanna rose.

4- finishing the mud bench! (finally)

5- mother's day at my grandma's farm.

6- starting on outdoor house projects.

here's a little run down...
1- garth was amazing. 
literally the best. concert. ever.
i went with my besties, just like we did 10 years ago.
we might have drank too much, but
i'm pretty sure that's whats supposed to happen when
a group of 30-something moms go out for the night.
(raise the roof)

and 10 years ago...

2- we plan a little weekend trip down to bennett a few months
ago with the turnbow's.
we used to do a lot more with them when they lived in lee's summit,
so it was nice to spend a few days together with our girls.
bennett was really pretty and i'd love to go back next year,
but maybe stay inside the park next time.
brette loved going fishing and reid basically tried to play
in the river the whole time, but still... good times.

3- brette had her end of the year field trip to deanna rose.
i didn't get to go this time because it fell on a friday.
i was a little sad to miss it, but brette came home really
excited about getting to ride the bus.
i really think the school could just rent a bus, take her 
for a spin and she'd think it was the best day ever.
summer session starts on june 2nd and that's
when both girls will be going together.
i can't believe i'm going to be taking a "first day of preschool"
picture of reid in a few weeks. 

4- ronnie finished the mud bench.
i know.
i can't believe it either.
i think he was shooting for mother's day. (eye roll)
but it was still missing hooks until just a few days ago.
i haven't "styled" it yet, but it's definitely already being used.
(and by styled, i mean, add bins to the top shelf.  but let's be honest,
it's mostly going to consist of pink bags and coats.)
i really love it and i think it will make grabbing everything i need 
 to get out the door a lot easier in the mornings.
ronnie's just glad to get it over with.

remember before? ew.

5- obviously it was mother's day last sunday and we managed
to swing by my grandma's on our way home from bennett.
i didn't think we'd make it, but we left town earlier than i thought.
we've been doing this the last few years and i really love that i can
be with my kids, my mom and she can be with her mom all 
at the same time.
i'm pretty sure it's the perfect mother's day recipe.

6- and finally, since our mud bench is DONE,
we can now focus some of our free time on the outside.
last week i painted our adirondack chairs, so we
could actually use them and not be embarrassed.
we've had them for a long time and we've only
painted them once.
they were looking really grungy.
my next project is to stain our railing and deck.
it desperately needs some loving.
our deck looks gross. 
we haven't treated it since we've lived here and i don't
think it has been done in awhile.
it's going to suck, but it's at the top of my list.
i'll get some before and after pictures when its all done.
we also had another tree fall down this week from
a big storm that blew through.
we've started cutting it up, but its a long way from finished.
we had originally planned to take a weekend and do a
bunch of these projects all at once.
like staining and white wash our brick, but now
that i don't have as much
time with the girls, i don't know if i still want to send them 
to mimi and papa's for the weekend.
that might get postponed again. 
ronnie wanted to cut down a few more trees too, but
i don't really know what his plans are for how and when
that's all getting done.

we have a busy summer coming up with lots of little
weekend trips away, so i know we won't get as much 
done as we think we can.
somehow the time slips away and our list keeps growing.

i'm sure everyone is gearing up for summer and 
getting ready for lots of outdoor time.
now we just need a little bit warmer weather...

oh and one last picture.
i forgot to mention, i had my brother's girls for 
the day last weekend and that's always a good time. 

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