Tuesday, May 30, 2017

my favorite things

i have a few items i've been either using for years
or just recently found, that i feel the need to share.

you guys, they are
l i f e   c h a n g i n g.

first, i have to let you know about a brush.
i know you're thinking i'm crazy but
we have labled this "the magic brush" in 
our house because that's how i feel about it.
please, if you have long hair or little kids that
hate having their hair brushed out please do yourself
a favor and immediately go buy yourself a
it's the best thing that's happened to me in the last 6 months.

there are two items to my make-up bag i've
added in the last year, that i also love.
first, is the NYX wonder stick.
if you're a reader of the daybook, then
you might already know about this.
i heard about it through her and decided to give it a try.
i really like that it lets me try contouring in
the most basic and easy way.
draw your lines, blend and you're done.
i buy the "universal" color but they also have
light, medium and dark as options.
and the second is an eyebrow pencil.
i'm probably the last person on earth who
still chose to ignore their eyebrows. 
i never get them waxed, i semi-regularly pluck them,
but nothing fancy.
i decided to try to actually care for them and 
even, gasp, buy an eyebrow pencil.
since i'm new to this, you might have better suggestions for me
but right now i'm digging the 
i get the dark brunette color.
i'm telling you - filling your brows changes your whole look.
it's like mascara to me now and i
don't leave home without it.

in the summer the girls and i are running
in and out all the time so i like to find easy
shoes that we can take on and off really quickly.
and i like them to be where the girls can put them on themselves.
for the girls, my go-to is always old navy jelly sandals.
they're on sale right now. go get a pair.

for me, i just bought myself some birkenstocks.
can you believe they're back in style?
only took 15 years.
but they really are comfortable and 
i can throw them on in 2 seconds.

another thing that has made my life so easy
are ready-made salad bags.
i know i've written about these before, but
i always have one in my fridge.
they're so good and you can have a 
"veggie" ready in less than 5 minutes.

and last, but not least are kitchen scissors.
this might have been the thing that changed my life the most.
do you have a pair with your knife set?
are they just sitting there getting old and dirty?
if you have kids, bust them out and USE THEM.
every food your kid eats normally has to be cut up and
hello, scissors make the job so much faster and easier.
pizza, waffles, hamburgers, sasuage, hot dogs, grapes.
i literally have two pair because if one is dirty, i
feel lost without it.
for all those moms with toddlers, meet your new best friend-
who knew.

i hope you found something useful in this list.
and if you have any suggestions for me,
send them my way.
i'm always looking for the next great thing to
make life a little bit easier.

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