Thursday, June 8, 2017

all the fun things

i have a post coming about my new job
and how we've been surviving, but
i'm still knee deep in missing my kids and
just trying to get a handle on our new lives.
but there will be an update soon. promise.

lately, we've been heading out of town.
in the last two weekends we left lees summit 
to do something fun.
over memorial day weekend we took the camper
down to truman lake with a bunch of friends.
it's the same group as last year so brette
and reid are pretty much spoken for.
i literally ask at least 5 times a day where my kids are.
its weird to let them go off without me, but
they both absolutely love it and love all the kids
they get to hang out with.
the older girls always ask if they can watch brette and reid,
so its like having free babysitting built in.
reid DID NOT sleep with brette though.
thank god we packed the pack-n-play just in case.
she is not ready to be on her own. 
she plays and gets up and talks.
brette finally said - mom, you got to get her outta here.
so we separated them and they slept great the rest of the weekend.
we did have one minor setback - HAIL.
a huge storm came through with the biggest hail i've ever seen.
maybe i feel this way because listening to hail in a camper
is extra loud, but i still think it was crazy.
we had friends with windows busted out, lots of damage to all 
our vehicles and holes in campers.
luckily, ronnie and i escaped with the least amount of damage.
my yukon is in the shop right now getting it all fixed and
we're still waiting to hear back on the camper, but
nothing actually broke so i'm grateful. 




last weekend we drove down to leeton, 
a small town outside of warrensburg. 
we have a group of friends that live down there and 
they put on a fair.
we met my mom and dad, who were watching madeline and eden.
the girls had the best time.
they're little dare devils. 
no one was scared of anything.
it freaked me out.
reid was hilarious to watch.
i'm pretty sure i could put her on a roller coaster and 
she would laugh her head off.
my parents took all the kids home for bed and 
ronnie and i stayed out for the band and beer gardens.
(bad decision. we should have gone home too.)
i felt like crap the next day, but
we had fun.

this weekend we're staying home.
we have a friend who might come pick up a load
of all our wood and
ronnie and cale are going to try to get brette's 
swing set put together for her birthday.
i'm excited to get our backyard in order.

have a great weekend! 

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