Monday, June 12, 2017

my moneymaker turns four

i couldn't let this day go by without saying
a little something about my BMoney.
i think four is going to be one of my favorite ages.
things are starting to seem a little bit easier. finally.
my friends texted happy birthday wishes for her, and
one said, "you are sweet, gorgeous, feisty and hilarious."
then my other friend chimed in and said,
"you forgot bossy!"
which is totally the perfect description of my little one.
my little mouthy, totally hilarious child.

since i had to work on her actual birthday,
my parents came up and spent the day with all four girls.
i can't imagine brette would be happier doing anything else
than spending the day with mimi, papa and her cousins.
they had a picnic, went to the splash pad and filled up our backyard pool.
i'm positive she had a great day without me.
i tried to make the weekend special to help celebrate.
i decorated the house and hung streamers from her door.
we went to the donut shop. (she told me she like the
donuts better at the gas station where daddy takes her. eye roll.)

we went swimming with kassie, chris and elle and both her
and reid went down the water slide, which they loved.

but better than anything, ronnie and cale spent
building her a huge new playset.
i actually feel really bad because they literally worked
on this monster from 9am-5pm both saturday and sunday.
not a great weekend for them.

but we ended up with this and
the girls love it.
ps- do not expect your four-year-old to understand
that this is her gift. you should definitely also have
something for her to open or she will say,
"its not her birthday without presents."
i know this from personal experience.
(all the stuff i ordered online didn't go through so all her other gifts
aren't going to be her until tomorrow and brette kept
wondering where her presents were.
i MIGHT have sent ronnie to the store for something super fast just
so she could actually OPEN one thing today.)

we didn't get rid of our wood (yet) or do
much of anything else to clean up the backyard, so
unfortunately its not going to be pristine for her bday
party on saturday, but ronnie likes to
remind me i'm crazy about stupid stuff.
we're having a luau theme.
brette and madeline wanted moana, so instead of
doing a character, i thought it would be more fun
(and cuter) to do an island theme.
i bought leis, grass skirts, tiki torches and flowers.
i think the girls will love it.
it feels so crazy to have a FOUR YEAR OLD,
and at the same time, it feels oddly perfect.
Happy Birthday, Brette Annaleigh!

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