Sunday, June 16, 2013

she's here!

brette annaleigh cox
made her way into the world
on wednesday, june 12, 2012
at 2:28pm
weighing in at 7lbs
and measuring 19 3/4 inches long.
there is so much to tell and say
but for now i'll leave you with some photos
and lots of stories for another day.

baby girl's first photo

getting checked by the doctor
back in the arms of mamma - skin to skin

her face is so puffy

so in love

passed out
daddy and brette taking a nap

so sleepy
hospital style

ronnie took over my hospital bed and took a nap

hearing check - she passed
ronnie is showing off how much she looks like him.
especially in his cubs hat.
family photo - leaving the hospital
such a peanut in her carseat.

going home!
meeting our other babies.
they were very interested.
wrapped up in the basinet.

our summer look - first day home.
right now i'm spending all my time
figuring out nursing, holding my baby girl and changing diapers.
every once in awhile i get to sleep too.
so after trying and trying to go into labor,
i'm so completely happy that she is home with ronnie and i.

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  1. love the first picture you (ronnie?) captured of her. so sweet. i keep visiting your blog just to stare at her pictures, i'm obsessed.