Monday, June 3, 2013

working for a living

i am excited to announce that this is my last week at work.
i put in my resignation about a month ago and thursday is my last day.
it was supposed to be next week, but with my schedule
it made more sense to call it early.

ronnie and i have been talking about having a baby for years.
i was never ready,
but i did know that when the time was right,
i wanted to be able to stay at home with my little one for
longer than any job would be willing to give me.
so with that in mind, ronnie and i have been
saving money for a couple years.
it's our "stay at home mommy" fund.
the great thing about our timing is that
since ronnie just became a journeyman,
he also got a raise.
we've budgeted out our money with his new income
and we can actually make it without touching our savings.
but its a nice feeling to know that we have it,
in case we need it.
i know not everyone has this option
so i feel very lucky to get to spend the first several months
(at least six)
of our daughter's life right along side her.
i have a friend that loves her kids more than life,
but she knows that she could never be a stay at home mom.
she needs her job and her time away.
i'm interested to see how i feel about my time.
and who knows, i might want to add a career back in my life
sooner that i thought.
but for now,
i'm planning on enjoying my time with my little girl into 2014
and i cannot wait.

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