Friday, June 7, 2013


its a rather nice lifestyle
and i think i could get used to this
whole "not working" thing.
but i know my days like this are numbered.
i'll spend most of my summer tired as hell
with a kiddo attached to my boob,
so for now...
i spent my morning in bed watching tv
got the carseat inspected by the highway patrol
(and ps- we were part of the 80% that did NOT pass inspection,
so while i trust ronnie to know how to do everything,
i definitely suggest everyone going in for a double safety check.)
i went to hobby lobby for supplies.
i met up with shannon, dana and their kids
for a play date/lunch date.
i came home and sunbathed on the deck
while guzzling water and reading real simple.
i did a little craft project for the hospital.
(this is just a sneak peak - i'll show more once i actually have her)
i took the dogs for two walks.
and i spent my evening with ronaldo.
the one thing i didn't do?
make dinner.
i was so close to getting the housewife routine right.
i talked to my mom and she made a pie this morning.
she's obviously mastered the art of staying home.
one day i hope to be as "leave it to beaver" as she is.

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