Thursday, June 27, 2013

baby model

so i think i might have the cutest baby this side of the mississippi.
i told myself i would totally know if my child was ugly.
but the truth is, i think every weird face she makes is the cutest thing i've ever seen.
but just to prove to you that she really is adorable
we had a photo shoot with moments and memories photography in independence
she captured brette at just a week old.
here are the instructions to view all her pictures:
(feel free to mute the music)
click on the link photo cart
click on the portraits box
our shoot is called 6-20 Brooke
when you click on our box it will ask you for a password.
type in cox
a big picture of brette will come up and underneath it will say:
click here to enter
click on that link and you should be able to view all her pictures.
i am IN. LOVE. with them.
do you have a favorite?
let me know.
here is the picture off facebook.
(this must be the photographer's favorite but i don't even think it looks like brette.)
ps- do you love her chevron headband she is wearing with the blue skirt?
my friend made it for her!  she makes the cutest headbands for girls of all ages.
 visit her page, the pleated polka dot, on etsy to view more.

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