Wednesday, June 26, 2013

monthly updates

ready to take a little trip down memory lane?
when we found out we were pregnant we took a few pictures.
it just so happens that the shirt i was wearing was one that i normally wear with leggings
so i was able to fit into it all throughout my pregnancy.

(the start of my pregnancy photos outfit - - 6 weeks pregnant)

(17 weeks)

(22 weeks)

(27 weeks)

(32 weeks)
and i meant to take one before we left for the hospital,
but i forgot.
so this is the last tummy pic i have:

it was taken a few days before i had her.
and since i'm always dieting and trying to figure out how to be naturally skinny,
i was worried that my body would never go back to normal again.
but here i am, two weeks later.
it's crazy how fast your body changes.

(don't mind my mirror - i'm cleaning on friday)
i weighed myself this morning,
and i've lost all but seven pounds.
BUT - my goal is more like 17 pounds.
but i know you are really interested in seeing more of brette
she is two weeks old today.

(she's not a fan of tummy time - but once i tried it on the boppy it went much better.)
(our little one got a little hot at madeline's
third birthday party and we had to leave early.
a couple ounces of fluid and a cold compress later, she was just fine.)

(we needed a little rest and relaxation on the deck.
she loves watching the leaves.)
happy two weeks, baby girl!

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