Sunday, June 2, 2013


this weekend was operation:
getting baby out.
i'm trying to convince brette that the outside world
is just as comfortable as her inside world.
unfortunately, its sunday night and i'm still pregnant.
everyone has had suggestions for what will work,
and i feel like i've tried most everything.
the number one suggestion is walking.
we walk most nights anyway to take our dogs out,
but we did go out to a trail for extra miles.
the second is sex.
without going into detail,
lets just say we can check this off the list too.
my friend mowed her yard and went into labor.
so i've mowed my yard twice.
ronnie feels like a real dick letting me mow,
but i got approval from my doctor and dad.
at this point, nothing will really hurt the baby.
what's the worst that can happen? 
i'll either be really uncomfortable or go into labor.
and last, i made ronnie take me for a harley ride.
he said my tummy is great lumbar support, but
i couldn't go for very long because my hips have been bothering me.
it didn't work either.
i know i'm leaving off spicy food and caster oil.
i really don't know if i can stomach either.
but if you have any other suggestions of what worked for you,
let me know.


  1. Todd would only let me ow the back yard so the neighbors wouldn't call the cops on him.

  2. I imagine you don't want to hear this... but when Brette is ready, when your body is ready, things will happen. Nothing is worse than the wait, and I, for one, was absolutely done with the whole pregnant thing. But things will probably go smoother when all is ready. Your Mom ate a huge meal, took a bouncy 4-wheeler ride and had Brian the next day. Both were not recommended... and I have a faint memory of Grandma and Grandpa walking quickly across the lawn yelling at her to stop, and then she took the front slope at an alarming speed and was off! :) Just keep in mind we will definitely meet the little one on the 10th, so what's 7 more days in a lifetime? Mick

  3. I heard doing squats and sitting on an exercise ball. I've replaced my work chair with a giant orange ball and have been doing enough squats that I am going to look like Hulk freaking Hogan by the time labor happens. Next up, mowing the lawn. I haven't heard that one.