Monday, June 19, 2017

full time

i'm going on three weeks at my new job and
it still feels... new.
i'm a little more comfortable with the actual work
and for the most part, it seems pretty straight forward.
there are a lot of summer events that i wasn't expecting,
(code for nights and weekends, blah)
but i see a lot of room for growth and i'm getting
to learn a lot of new things too.
i'm in charge of the website, social media, blog and signage.
i'm pretty sure i'll stay busy.

the kids are still adjusting to life as full-time students.
brette still asks if she has to go to school and reid
cries every morning when i drop her off.
it's not my favorite.
i think they're learning a lot and doing lots
of fun activities, so that makes me feel better.
it's got to be more fun than hanging around
the house all day while i clean and do laundry.
ps- i went to brette's classroom for her birthday
last week and they all went around and told me
how old they - - every single kid in her
class is five going on six. 
my kid started in this classroom at THREE.
i wonder if they think she's stupid because
i KNOW they have know things that she's still learning.
it makes me nervous for her.
but i'm hoping being around a bunch of big kids
helps her in the end.  it's like having a ton of mentors.
right? right.
ok, good.

a n y w a y,
the hardest part of my day is 4:30 to 6:00.
we have our mornings mastered.
i get up and get ready before either of them awake,
so all i have to do is get them dressed and out the door.
we normally leave the house around 7:30 and i
make it to work a little before 8:00.
it's super nice that everything is less than 10 minutes away. 
BUT, the afternoons are hard.
the first few days they were crying the whole way home.
they were tired, plus hungry and thirsty.
since then, i've been packing drinks and snacks that
i keep in the fridge at work and before i leave for the day
i grab them for the girls.
it's made the ride home a lot better.
but still, once we get home they're a mess.
they want to be held and they want dinner and
they want to play and they want drinks and they
want. want. want.
there have been several nights where someone is
clinging to my leg crying while i'm cooking something
on the stove.  good times.
i normally turn on the tv and try to distract them
for 30 minutes while i get dinner ready.
(ps- i've been doing really well about prepping the
majority of meals on sunday and all i have to do
is throw everything together at night.) 
after they've eaten, things are much better.
we go outside to play or go upstairs in the playroom.
ronnie's home by dinner, so i also have another set of hands.
tonight, ronnie did the dishes while i folded a load of clothes.
i know he's not a fan of getting home from work and
doing chores, but WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.
and then every night i lay out their clothes school,
i fill up sippy cups for the next morning and i pack my lunch.
this makes my mornings super easy.
for the last two weeks i've been cleaning house on friday night.
its the one thing i haven't quite figured out.
when do normal people clean?
it can't be friday nights...
but i never feel like doing it during the week and i refuse to
waste my weekends doing it, so finally on friday night
i'm forced to get it done.
weird, right?
send suggestions on when to clean or what
you all do because its the one thing i haven't fit in my schedule very well.

overall, it's still a huge adjustment for all of us but
so far i think we're doing okay.
the first few days were rough for me and i
felt really sad that i wasn't with the girls, but
i'm actually really happy with this change and
i think we're all going to be a lot better off in the end.

ps- those of you that worked full-time
with little babies - i can't imagine.
literally, can't.

pss- i have another post coming soon.
brette's 4th birthday luau!

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