Thursday, June 29, 2017

happy birthday from the islands

we had brette's birthday party the
weekend after her birthday so we could
share the celebration with madeline too.
they wanted a moana party, so i did a
luau theme straight from the islands.
i hung lanterns, put out tiki torches and
set out some pineapple.
is it weird that i love to decorate?
it's my favorite part of throwing a party.
ronnie said we should have roasted a pig,
but i settled for some pulled pork and
pineapple upside down cake.
(it was my first time making it.
its so easy and turned great. it's not MY favorite cake,
aka - no chocolate, but it was cute for our theme.)
the girls both love each other so much and
they really enjoy sharing a party.
i hope we can do this for a long time.
i bought little flowers for their hair and grass skirts,
which they didn't wear.
i really thought that would be their favorite part,
obviously not.
we had most of our family over and spent
the evening together.
it was a great day for our girls.

happy birthday, loves!

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