Thursday, June 23, 2016

mermaid vibes

brette and madeline had a sweet little birthday
party over the weekend - - mermaid style.
they actually decided this together, which i
thought was sweet of them.
i made ocean themed food,
blew up green & purple balloons,
hung "seaweed" streamers,
laid out some seashells and called it a day.
i really wanted them to be dressed as actual mermaids
but the cute dress i found only came in
brette and eden's size and nothing for madeline.
that was not an option.
but oh well,
i think the girls had a really good time and
its always nice to have a family day.


seashells = pasta salad
seaweed = spinach/artichoke dip
fish food = cheetos
tuna salad sliders
fish sticks
shrimp cocktail



now i'm off planning reid and eden's party...
love all our summer girls.

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